It’s Just A Cleanser, Does It Really Matter

/ It’s Just A Cleanser, Does It Really Matter

Depending on your skin type and or condition, it does! Cleansers can add just the right amount of extra hydration or exfoliation you may need. “I’m sensitive, I can’t use exfoliating cleanser!” The perfectly rounded jojoba beads and the extra vitamin E in the exfoliating cleanser diminish any hearsay about it being too rough or stripping your skin. Obviously in the case of discomfort from sensitivity or dryness maybe shoot for the rich hydrating cleanser. The exfoliating cleanser can be perfect for someone with stubborn pustules or maybe if you are just starting on a retinol….if you know, you know. It’s also great for post treatment to help with the extra sloughing of dead skin cells that may follow a microneedling or Morpheus8 treatment. If you have combo or oily skin, I recommend you steer away from the hydrating cleanser because of the compound and density can be too much for someone already trying to combat excess sebum production. Gentle Cleanser is also a great option for men! The sudsy effect of the gentle cleanser is a nice compliment and can even be used to shave with! If you live in a dry climate or just naturally more dry you will fall in love with the hydrating cleanser, it’s rich compound is the perfect start to your regimen. Don’t forget to double cleanse and pro-tip (exfoliate between your first and second cleanse) for the perfect smoothness to getting your skin ready. At Skin N Tox we are all certified in ZO Skin Health products and are more than happy to help you get started on your journey to healthy skin.

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